A tear-off is necessary when the roof insulation is excessively saturated with water, or there is too much build-up of existing roof layers. The existing roofing material is then removed down to the roof deck. The built-up COLD PROCESS ROOF SYSTEM is the best choice for a building owner at this point for several reasons;
    An owner can choose their desired guarantee period, which dictates the number of initial roofing layers.
    It can be custom tailored to budgeting, guarantee periods or other requirements since this system is built up in layers. The Layers can be built up initially, or added in later years with the existing roof not needing to be torn off later.
    Either way, the COLD PROCESS ROOF SYSTEM allows for a roofing system that can offer up to a 30 year guarantee.

    Robbins Roofing BURS
    The above graphic shows the layers of a 15-18 year guarantee period COLD PROCESS SYSTEM. The initial guarantee period can be increased with an additional layer of polyester mat and cold process coating. If a cool roof coating is reapplied in the 7th year, the guarantee period can be extended and additional 3 years in most cases.

    before & after

    The built-up Cold Process System is "additive". At 20-25 years,
    the initial COLD PROCESS SYSTEM does not need to be torn-off, as would a single-ply sheet roofing system. Depending on the initial number of layers installed, after 20 or 30 years a three (3) course COLD PROCESS RE-SURFACING SYSTEM can be applied directly over the initial COLD PROCESS SYSTEM providing for a 10-Year Guarantee. The previous roof does not need to be torn off but is used now as a substrate for the re-surfacing system which is comprised of two (2) layers of Cold Process Coating and one (1) layer of Polyester Roof Mat, applied alternately.
    Robbins Roofing BURS
    A guarantee from Robbins Roofing Company covers workmanship and materials for the full duration of the guarantee period unlike other roof systems where the manufacturer is responsible for the materials and the installer is only required to guarantee workmanship for 2 years. For this reason, Ronald Robbins has arranged for the materials to be guaranteed to Robbins Roofing Compa
    ny. Read more about our Guarantee

    Robbins Roofing Contractors License #13VH00091500

Highlights Of Our Proven Roofing System

  • BEST GUARANTEE in the industry.
  • Green friendly
  • Less costly than other Roofing methods.
  • Over 40 years proven excellence operating in the same NJ counties.
  • Flexible roofing solutions to fit any budget.
  • Preventative maintenance plans.
  • No interference with building operations - ideal for occupied buildings.
  • Environmentally friendly. Safe. No hot kettles, no odor, no torches, no flames.

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