A guarantee from Robbins Roofing covers workmanship and materials for the full duration of the guarantee period unlike other roof systems where the manufacturer is responsible for the materials and the installer is only required to guarantee workmanship for 2 years. For this reason, Ronald Robbins has arranged for the materials to be guaranteed to Robbins Roofing resulting in a single source, non-prorated guarantee for our customers.

    Guarantee periods begin at 10 years and can range up to 30 years depending on several factors:
    • The current condition of the existing roof.
    • The number of layers of Polyester and Cold Process Coating (referred to as courses).
    • The application of an optional Aluminum top coat.

    Unlike other roofing systems or products where you pay extra for a warranty but you still get the same product, our guarantee is based on the layers of roofing. Here is an example our guarantee schedule for a typical roof;

      You choose    Guarantee Period   Optional   Extended Guarantee
    3 Course Roof 10-12 Year Guarantee + Cool Roof Coating = 12-15 Year Guarantee
    5 Course Roof 12-15 Year Guarantee + Cool Roof Coating = 15-18 Year Guarantee

      You choose    Guarantee Period   Optional   Extended Guarantee
    7 Course Roof 12-15 Year Guarantee + Cool Roof Coating = 15-18 Year Guarantee
    9 Course Roof 15-18 Year Guarantee + Cool Roof Coating = 18-20 Year Guarantee

    If a cool roof coating is applied over a Cold Process Roof System installed by Robbins Roofing, we can extend the guarantee period up to an additional 2 to 5 years depending on the number of courses applied during the roof installation. Guarantee periods can be extended up to 30 years with a reapplication of the aluminum coating every seven years.

    Aluminum Coating is an asphalt based paint and is an option which will extend the guarantee period an additional 2 years. It's purpose is to reflect the ultra violet rays of the sun which is the primary cause of roof deterioration in addition to reducing cooling costs. It is also used as a rust inhibitor on metal surfaces.

    Our Cold Process System is maintainable; SS Art & Engraving Corporation knows this first hand. Robbins Roofing re-roofed their building in 1984 using a five (5) course Cold Process Roof System. In 1996 when the initial guarantee period of 12 years had passed, they opted to re-coat the roof to which Robbins Roofing gave an additional three year guarantee.


    Robbins Roofing Contractors License #13VH00091500

Highlights Of Our Proven Roofing System

  • BEST GUARANTEE in the industry.
  • Green friendly
  • Less costly than other Roofing methods.
  • Over 40 years proven excellence operating in the same NJ counties.
  • Flexible roofing solutions to fit any budget.
  • Preventative maintenance plans.
  • No interference with building operations - ideal for occupied buildings.
  • Environmentally friendly. Safe. No hot kettles, no odor, no torches, no flames.

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